Hello. My name is Ashley Naftule. I’m a culture writer, journalist, and performance artist based in Phoenix, AZ. I’ve written for a variety of outlets that includes The AV Club, Bright Wall/Dark Room, The Hard Times, Pitchfork, Consequence of Sound, Phoenix New Times, Vice, and other fine establishments. I am also the founder, president, and sole public-facing member of the Chris Gaines Fanclub. Though we are legion, the rest of my brethren conceal their identities from the public.

This newsletter will be devoted to several topics of interest that include:

  • Music

  • Film

  • Theatre

  • The Occult

  • Various cultural happenings in Phoenix

  • Wrestling

  • Chris Gaines

I will be publishing 2-3 posts a week. While most of the posts will be public (for everyone should be exposed to the glories of Chris Gaines fandom), there will be monthly Gaines Gospel pieces that are exclusively for “dues-paying” members of the Fanclub. In addition, “dues-paying” Fanclubbers will get access to the secret bird-calls and hat-brim signals that devotees of Chris Gaines use to communicate with each other on the sly. Yearly subscribers will get all this plus an “Assigning Editor” perk where you can assign me up to THREE topics a year to write about. You’ll also get a locker with your name on it at the Temple and unlimited snacks from our refreshments table should you decide to swing by.

Comments and tips are always welcome.

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