The Chris Gaines Fanclub Opens "For Business" This Monday

Welcome to Chris Gaines Fanclub by me, Ashley Naftule. I'm a writer and performer based in Phoenix, AZ. I bear an uncanny resemblance to country singer Vince Gill, but my heart and soul belong to the maestro of moody rock & dark soul: Chris Gaines. Come for the Gaines appreciation and stay for writing about music, film, wrestling, theatre, the occult, and cultural happenings in the sun-burnt wastelands of Phoenix.

To give you a sneak peek of what’s coming out next week via the world’s most inclusive late 90’s alter ego Fanclub:

  • A piece about Dispatches From Elsewhere’s finale, Grant Morrison, Stephen King, and doing meta-fiction the wrong way.

  • A review of a parking lot art happening in Phoenix (and some stuff about the Flaming Lips).

  • The first Orange Bible Heroes piece, in which I review one of the top 100 best alternative records from the music reference book that most shaped my listening habits as a Wee Ashley: The 1995 Spin Alternative Record Guide. I’ll be working backwards from 100, writing a review a record all the way down to Numero Uno.

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